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Twin Arabian FoalsTwin Arabian Foals

October 29, 2006

Both Trouble and Surprise are growing like little weeds. And while they are still smaller than my other foals they are definitely gaining ground. I taped both of them yesterday and they are each 266 pounds. This is the first time that Surprise has weighed the same as her brother. She has always been just a little bit under him in weight although they've gone back and forth on who's the tallest. Currently they are the same height and both are butt high.

They are FINALLY off stall rest. Their first day of freedom was the day of our open house. After we had presented all of the other horses, we brought the twins out to the presentation ring and let them play while we had our picnic.

Getting them to the presentation ring proved to be worthy of a Funniest Home Video clip but, of course, the camera wasn't going then. I had a handler on each horse not knowing what to expect since they had been cooped up so long. Lindsay led Vee and Dave had Trouble. I took Surprise because I knew she would be the naughtiest. She certainly didn't disappoint. All of them were pretty excited to be getting out and seeing all of the people added to the pitch. About half way up to the ring Surprise figured out where we were going and tried to drag me faster and faster to get there anxious to be free She might be little but she’s built like a tank and restraining her was a challenge complicated by the spectators (which translates to I really wanted to knock her on her you know what but couldn’t with an audience!). I put my arm around her neck to help contain her and the little stinker wheeled around and kicked, shaking her head, stomping her feet, clearly voicing her opinion about the applied restraint. She wiggled free but I managed to grab her and she responded by kicking poor Dave with both back feet. All the while, the onlookers laughed and cheered egging her on, a point that was not lost on Sweet Surprise. She nodded her head in recognition of the encouragement and let fly again. Knowing how her little wheels turn, I managed to catch her in mid flight and yanked her naughty little body back where it belonged. Dave took Trouble to the other side of his mother for protection (Dave’s protection not Trouble’s). Surprise pranced the rest of the way acknowledging her fans with a nod here and a snort there. She was quite the little spoiled princess. One of the guests later posted on an MSN forum that the filly should be the one named Trouble. The colt had been quite the little gentleman while she was so very very naughty. All I can say, is she didn't see the first half of the trip and she doesn't live with him, Trouble is definitely his game but Trouble Too would definitely be appropriate for her.

Once loose in the ring they put on quite a show. Poor Vee didn't know which way to run to keep up with them, they were just buzzing around everywhere and the dust was flying. We brought Vee some hay and she immediately forgot about her wild children and went to eating. Those who watch on the webcam know that that is pretty much what Vee does. She eats and eats and eats. The twins ran circles around her, sometimes both going the same direction and sometimes going opposite directions. The trips the opposite direction looked like a game of chicken with a number of close calls. Both proved they are quite adept at roll backs, lead changes and sliding stops. They also proved that all that time on stall rest didn't really have a lot of resting!!  They spent nearly 20 minutes running around entertaining the crowd. They are definitely quite the hams. Even after they did quiet down if someone came up with a camera, they were promptly greeted with both twins in their face followed by another exhibition of the exuberance for life. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I’ll include one from the open house (above).

All of the exertion at the open house should have rendered Surprise lame but that was not the case. With her crushed hock, the vets have predicted that she would never be sound again but Surprise doesn’t believe in doing the predictable. She was the day of the open house and is still today sound. While you can feel the abnormality in the shape of that bone, she doesn’t let it stop her from doing anything. Only time will tell how it turns out but I’m pretty darn sure she’s going to live life on her terms.

Very soon now, the twins will be six months old. It’s hard to imagine that much time has gone by but it has. I’d guess that they are about two-thirds the size of normal foals their age and that means they’ve gained some serious ground. They started off half the size of normal foals.

They still have some issues with their legs and we’re working on them with regular corrective trimming. The angular limb deformities are much better but not totally corrected. It’s a slow process and must be done every two to three weeks. All I can say is they’ll be pretty darn broke when we’re done with all of this stuff. Trouble is insecure about having his feet rasped and prefers to be pushed up next to the wall for support. There he stands quietly. If we try to do him in the middle of the stall, it’s a wrestling match. Surprise is the opposite. She feels trapped next to the wall and fights like a banshee but is perfectly content to stand quietly in the middle of the stall. It amazes me sometimes how alike they are and yet how different they are.

As much as they have grown, I can still go sit with them in the stall or in the field and have them come up and lay down next to me, only it’s a little difficult to have their heads in my lap. One at a time, it works but they fight over which one. The loser will normally get back up and untie my shoes or steal my hat. Anything for attention. They miss all the company they used to get and run to greet any visitors. Trouble has buried his head into the chests of a couple of visitors. I think he’s working on finding someone who’ll give him more attention than I have. They even run to greet the cars driving by on the road, the mail lady, etc. Anyone passing by our farm, they think wants to see them.

Since they’ve had so many issues along the way that indicate their immune systems have been taxed, we’ve decided to let Vee begin the weaning process for us. That way they won’t get quite so stressed. I think the hardest part will be weaning them from each over. They will continue to be on the webcam through this process.

The story behind the second photo was Trouble wouldn't leave my hat alone, so I put it on his head. He played with it for quiet a while shaking his head adjusting the position and quit when it settled over one ear like this. Then he went back to bugging me and messing with my rake. And, of course, Surprise isn't one to be left out of the action. So there you have it! Typical Trouble and Suprise.

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