Rare Twin Arabian Foals

Twin Arabian Foals

June 27, 2006

The health issues with the twins have turned out to be an ongoing thing. Since twins are very much like premature or dysmature foals, they are experiencing the same types of medical issues.

Currently, Scandalous Surprise has been diagnosed with a crushed hock. The injury is the result of her bones being premature and not having ossified (hardened) properly and probably occurred not long after her birth. The injury was not detected until recently because it was masked by other health issues and her marked windswept appearance.
Treatment will include a lengthy time of stall rest as well as the application of a custom built brace. Scandalous Trouble will need to be examined as well since he is susceptible to the same issues with bone hardness. Both will be have extensive x-rays on their legs and corrective braces on whatever limbs that require such.

The costs of their treatment have been overwhelming and there is no end in sight. Many people have asked to help and to facilitate that endeavor a donation account has been set up at Washington Mutual Savings Bank. Contributions can be made at any branch in the name of The Rare Twin Foals. Contributions can also be made online through Paypal by using the following donation button (no account required).

We at Rising Rainbow Arabians wish to thank the many, many people from around the world for their continuing support. It has been uplifting to see the kindness and prayers that have been extended our way and has truly made this journey easier.

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