Rare Twin Arabian Foals

Twin Arabian Foals

September 1, 2006

I've again been reminded that it's been a while since I've done an update on the twins so here's the latest on their condition and antics:

They are now 3 closing in on 4 months old. Trouble is over 200 lbs. with Surprise closing in fast on that number. They are still on stall rest while we wait for their bones to harden enough for it to be safe for them to go out. Although I'm not sure that I'd call what they do in it "stall rest." I try to check on them several times a day and pick the stall so it's not too badly trashed and the shavings are always heaped around the edges from all the slipping and sliding they've been doing. I pull the shavings back to the middle only to find them climbing the walls on the next trip. I've seen enough examples of their antics to know that they play a pretty high energy form of tag and other rambunctious games while Vee quietly munches her hay. After all, feeding those two is her first priority, she's not the least concerned with their aerobics.

They are all however getting pretty crabby about the stall rest. Even though their luxury suite is much larger than the stall the twins were born in, it's pretty limited compared to the world outside. All three of them spend a stretch of time each day staring out the window at the world beyond. You can only imagine what they must be thinking with the looks on their faces. Any time there is a creak of a door or a footstep outside, they charge the door hoping for a chance at escape. They pretty much tag team whoever comes in looking for a chance to escape. Can't say as I blame them; I wouldn't want to be cooped up for that long a time either. More x-rays will be soon...

Both foals still have some issues with angular limb deformities due to being windswept and are on a two-week schedule for corrective trimming. We are definitely making progress but it will take time and many more trimmings before their legs are straight like they would have been had they not had to share such cramped quarters in the womb. Both are tolerating the corrections well but are not crazy about the trimming process.

And, of course, it's a zoo trying to work on them. Anytime you work on one, the other is either behind you or in your face trying to get in on the activity. Or maybe trying to create a diversion so the other can escape. I guess it's just all in how you look at it. All I know is I can count on Trouble to sneak up behind me and untie my shoes, bite my jeans or empty my pockets whenever I'm working with Surprise. And she likes to stick her head under my arm, in my face or even between my legs to get my attention away from Trouble.

Surprise is currently sound although the vets believed that she never would be. It's way to soon to tell what the long tern effects of her crushed hock will be, but certainly she is functioning way better than anyone expected. I do notice when we're trimming her that she's a little more stressed about work on that particular leg. Only time will tell what that all means. In the meantime, she's happy and healthy.

Donations are trickling in slowly for their ongoing medical needs. We were unable to raise the money for the braces that were recommended but we're doing our best to keep up with the rest of the recommended treatments. Dr. Gillette and I both feel that their actual outcome will be far better than their prognosis. Certainly, Surprise's soundness at this time gives us hope and Trouble is doing far better than anyone ever imagined. They definitely are miracle babies.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and this update's picture is after a bath. God bless their sweet little hearts, that dastardly case of fungus is still hanging on. The only thing working is that very expensive shampoo that must be applied every other day. At least it's down to only three of us now to pull off the baths but they don't like it much and really hate the 20-minute wait until they get rinsed off. It must tingle or something because they get goofy and rowdy. They rub on each other and us and Vee and buck and kick and leap and, and, and. It's quite a sight. Poor Surprise doesn't even want to go into that paddock because she thinks she's going to be drowned again and Trouble, well, he's trouble. That's the only thing to say. The expressions on the faces and the degree of wetness in the picture pretty much tells it all. It's a good thing it's been a warm summer.

Yes, they still sleep in heaps. It's a real shame I've not been as fast with the camera as I would like because the positions are unbelievable but I have a couple I'd like to enter in some big contest because they are amazing.

MareStare.com has provided a web cam and streaming service for the twins. They can be seen on the internet 24 hours a day at http://www.marestare.com/twins.php. If you should happen to watch them and they're sleeping, believe me, it's only temporary. They do a goodly amount of playing each day and night. I hear stories about their antics from all over the world.

We've even gotten a couple of phone calls when issues have arisen in their stall. The most current was a call from Montana today telling us they had tipped over their water and were playing with the container in the middle of the stall. It's really strange to pick up the phone and hear someone on the other end say "I'm watching your twins on my computer and..." but the calls are most appreciated. Trouble was saved when he was cast and now that Lindsay's been caught not filling their water, I think that will improve. Funny how things work sometimes.

We're getting ready for our 3rd Annual Open House and so things have been pretty hectic. The twins had their first experience with a show clip yesterday and we all survived pretty well. They have that funky fluffy baby hair still and with the health issues we've had along the way, I didn't feel comfortable with clipping clear down to their shoulders so I just did their cute little faces, bridle paths and their feet. Both were really quite good for their first clips but wanted to rub their faces on my legs afterwards. Maybe they itched as much as I did...

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