~ May 11, 1981 - January 20, 1997 ~

ScandalousFrom the moment I laid eyes on her, Scandalous had my heart. She was everything an Arabian mare should be and so much more. Her beauty, quality, substance, type and conformation were true to the breed standard and exemplified the very best of her pedigree. Her kind disposition would have made her a gracious guest in the Bedouin tents of old. Her loyalty and heart were fierce as the mightiest of warriors.  Then to have all of these wonderful characteristics be prepotent made her the kind of mare that legends are born of.

But Scandalous was more than just an outstanding broodmare, she was my hope.  She gave me the courage to rise out of the darkness, like the rainbow rises from the storm.  She spoke to some part of my soul and inspired me to reach for what I had only dreamed of.  She comforted me when I faltered.  She forgave me when I disappointed her.  She consoled me when I couldn't face the day.  She gave me the faith to keep trying even though the path was long and hard.  She was my friend.

Scandalous only had 3 foals before we lost her.  The first, Aidol, was only shown one season as a 3-year-old — Reserve Champion Daffodil Western Futurity, Top Five Region V Western Futurity, Region IV Top Five Western Pleasure Junior Horse and Region IV Top Five Western Futurity.  The second, Scandal Sheet, was shown for 4 years while he battled an undiagnosed case of EPM and yet he was consistently in the ribbons including Region V Top Ten Bonanza.  The third is Scandalous Legacy ("Legs").

To this day, that first memory of her is etched in my mind's eye and, of course, joined by a multitude of others.  But none is as strong as that first glimpse of the mare that changed my life.  Not a day goes by that I don't look upon her legacy, and I am reminded of her and the gifts she's given to me...and to the Arabian breed.

Bay Mare, May 11 1981, AHR*239909

Country Heir


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